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Resumé Writing Services

Need to put some polish on your Resumé? Our proprietary ResuméREVAMP process will refine your current Resumé by highlighting your relevant strengths, communicating them in a way that appeals to recruiting and HR managers, and removing any information that gets in the way.

Need to start from scratch? Our proprietary ResuméCREATION process will start by discovering new valuable skills you may be unaware of, continue by generating a one-of-a-kind, tailored Resumé specific to your industry and career goals, and culminate in a powerful document that promotes you at your best.

Best of all, our Resumé writing service is guaranteed to help you land interviews, or we'll rewrite your Resumé for free.

Personal Marketing Services

Need help writing a powerful and persuasive cover letter? Our cover letters are a great complement to your new Resumé. All of our cover letters are customized specifically for your skills and abilities, designed to match the professional look and feel of our Resumés, and can also be used as a template for each of your job application cover letters.

Having trouble marketing yourself on LinkedIn or don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet? Then our LinkedInREVAMP program is just for you. Our experts will create a customized profile for you that highlights your strengths as well as provides you with tools and specific LinkedIn email messages that will help you grow and expand your professional network. (Unfortunately, many miss out on job opportunities by underestimating the power of LinkedIn—don’t be one of them! Read about Leslie’s story to see what a difference it made for her.)

Interview Coaching Services

Want to make the most of your interview opportunity? Our exclusive interviewSTRATEGY program provides you with valuable interview strategies and techniques to put you ahead of the competition. You’ll need to make a great impression and this program will show you how—even before you walk in the door!

Want to make sure you’re receiving the best offer possible? Our packageNEGOTIATION service offers an in-depth analysis of the wage and benefits you’ve been offered and provides tips and strategies to maximize your offer. This program has helped many of our clients negotiate a base salary increase of $5,000 - $10,000.

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