Sherpa Solutions is a proven system that takes business professionals and executives step-by-step through every stage of the job search process from beginning to end. The program was created by Perfect Resume CEO, Kent Lee, and has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 Executives all over the world secure their next leadership role.


Sherpa Solutions is specifically designed for business professionals and executives who….

…feel frustrated and overwhelmed at the thought of going through the job search process.
…may not have had to create a resume in many years and don’t know where to start.
…are on LinkedIn, but don’t understand how to use it to attract leadership job opportunities.


If you are a business professional or executive who earns at least $100K/year, and you’re searching for an opportunity that will allow you to…

…earn the income you deserve.
…feel valued for your contributions.
…perform work that’s fulfilling and challenging.
…impact decisions at the highest level.
…. then follow the steps below to complete your application:


Step 1: Please watch this short 3-minute video from Kent Lee, CEO of Perfect Resume and creator of Sherpa Solutions:



What Clients Are Saying About Us:

Chris, CEO – I’ve been in leadership roles for more than 20 years and had worked for the same company for more than 15 years, and I realized a lot has changed in the industry since the last time I looked for a new job. The Sherpa Solutions Program was extremely helpful – anytime I had a question, Kent and his team were there providing helpful support and instructions. They even introduced me to an executive recruiter who helped place me in my current role. I highly recommend Sherpa Solutions.

Mark, COO – I can’t say enough about Kent and the Sherpa Solutions Program. I hadn’t created a resume in more than 10 years and know I needed help. With help from Kent and his team, I secured a new role as COO role with a top restaurant corporation. I could not have done it without the support of the Sherpa Solutions team.

Lori, VP of HR – The Sherpa Solutions Program is an incredible resource for anyone who hates going through things alone. The LinkedIn strategies alone were worth the investment in the program. Within 2 weeks of working with Kent and his team, I started getting emails and calls from Executive Recruiters who found me on LinkedIn.

Jennifer, CFO – I was hesitant to enroll in Sherpa Solutions at first. I’m one of those people who does a ton of research before making a decision. After more than a month of waiting, I finally decided to take the leap, and am so glad I did. The thing I was most impressed with was the Salary Negotiation training. Kent and his team helped me negotiate a 10% increase of an original offer, which led to a total compensation package increase of more than 30% from my previous position. Those numbers speak for themselves!

Yvette, CIO – With 30 years of work history, I had no idea how to present my experience and accomplishments in a compelling way. I originally hired a different company to create my resume and redo my LinkedIn profile, but I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting. I enrolled in Sherpa Solutions after getting a recommendation from an Executive Recruiter. Wow, what a difference! The resume was completely different than what I had before. Best of all, Kent and his team tailored my resume several times for different opportunities and helped me get in touch with a hiring manager and recruiter who worked at a company I was pursuing. After working with Kent and his team over the course of 4 months, I interviewed with 6 companies, received 3 offers (turned two down), and accepted a new role as CIO.

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